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curls for the girlsEvery gym has “That Guy” and he really isn’t that hard to spot.  You will almost certainly find him near the free weights and a mirror.  He will be the only one in the gym not breaking a sweat and flexing for no apparent reason.

He will be doing some type of curl such as preacher curls, concentration curls, or hammer curls with a limited range of motion to maximize the opportunity to flex and admirer his biceps in the nearby mirror.  Very often he will be using some of the largest free weights available to “shock the guns” and have the opportunity to grunt like a guy in the bathroom after going to town on all-you-cab-eat gas station tacos.

He will never have a shirt with sleeves; at all times he must be able to see the contour and definition of his biceps.  The t-shirt will inevitably be from Gold’s Gym, Abercrombie & Fitch, his college fraternity, or a shirt with something along the lines as “Getting Lucky in Kentucky” printed on it.

He does curls for the girls because he believes that the bigger his biceps are, the more attractive he is to the opposite sex.  However, it has been empirically proven by the top researchers at “You Might Be That Guy If…” that there is an inverse relationship between the size of his biceps and well, you know…


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