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weekend warrior harley davidsonRather than buy a sports car, sailboat, or some other expensive toy in the midst of his mid-life crisis, he decides to become a “Weekend Warrior.”  Instead of looking like he just got back from the annual Bike Week Rally in Sturgis or from providing security for the Rolling Stones at Altamont, he dons his best imitation biker gear and looks like a stunt double for John Travolta in Wild Hogs.

You can imagine what his motorcycle looks like: a bug guard windshield, a built in radio, tassels on the handlebars, double saddle bags, and a matching trailer.  Was it mentioned that his motorcycle was a three-wheeler?

To compliment his bike, he has bought every piece of swag from the dealer that has a Harley Davidson logo on it.  Not only does he have a Harley helmet and leather vest, he also has purchased a key chain, a motorcycle dog leather vest, a mouse pad, a bumper sticker for his car that says “I ♥ Harleys”, a years supply of Harley Davidson brand Viagra, a set of commemorative plates, and an adult Harley Davidson onesie.


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