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What do you do when you get together with your friends for movie night?  Oh, I’m sorry that all of us aren’t as up to date on the latest “it” indie flick or critically acclaimed films that are supposedly shoe-ins for Oscars as your circle of friends.

Some of us like acting that wouldn’t be fit for early 90s tv movies of the week, insanely ridiculous plot lines that often involve inconsistencies and unexplainable yet humorous holes, and home-made quality special effects that high school drama geeks could have one-upped with jimmy rigged props made in their basements.  Some of us like movies that are so bad, cheesy, and borderline unwatchable that they are phenomenally great and must be both revered while at the same time mocked.  Some of us simply like awesomely bad movies.


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No!  Don’t go in there!  They’re right behind you!  That’s what she said!  Run, bitch, run!

He has modeled his movie going experience after Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show.  Thinking it is his own personal Mystery Science Theater 3000 and he’s sitting front row center between Crow and Servo, he throws up zingers and one liners like the actors in the movie can actually hear him.  Hopefully he’s at a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show because if not, his “audience participation” will be frowned upon more than when he tries to discretely take that ever so important phone call an hour into the movie.

No, we don’t care if the actor is obviously going to get killed when they walk into the deserted cabin.  It makes sense that they are slowly searching closets on the second floor of the house whose power has been cut when there is a serial killer on the loose.  Of course the scantily clad sorority girl will be able to outrun the killer through the woods and there’s no chance at all that she’ll trip, fall, and twist an ankle.  Really, what could go wrong with midnight skinny dipping in Crystal Lake?

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